Trail Update #7 – Pearisburg to Dalesville (almost)

I’ll give you a quick update while I’m hanging out here in Dalesville. Technically, I haven’t reached Dalesville yet. But I hopped into town (got chauffered into town) by my brother Matt who is going to hike a couple of days with me! We’ll head back to where he picked me up today and begin our hike in the morning.

It’s a big morale booster to have Matt here after having a rough past few days. I got back on the trail on Monday the first and hiked about 20 miles in the latter part of the day. Perfectly fine, nice day. I ran into Party, it was nice. I hung out with Party’s dog (Easy), I camped in the Captain’s backyard (some random dude who lets hikers camp at his house – you take this cool zipline type thing across the creek), I played with the Captain’s dogs (I was playing with tons of dogs on Monday).



And then came Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And they all shared one thing in common – rain. I was either wet, or drenched for the past three days. From a morale standpoint, it starts to take a toll. You just can’t get dry, it’s impossible. There isn’t much to do except grin and bear it, and know that hiking in the cold and wet is a part of this challenge I expected, and will accept with a smile.


At least today I got some clean clothes and a hot shower at the hotel we’re staying at. Tonight we will celebrate the 4th with a few beers, recite the constitution to eachother, and know that moral individuals are the foundation of freedom (can I get a ‘here here’).  So have fun tonight. Raise a beer to the land we want to live in, and tell the freedom haters to get out of here, because they’re weirdos.


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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    Have fun guys…happy 4th and happy hiking! Love Amy. We are in very dry and hot Cali :). Did vinyard hopping today and still got in 9 holes of golf. And now enjoying catching up on your escapades. Hop you get some drier weather!


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