Trail Update #4 – To Erwin and Celli’s

Wow! So I realized how much of a slacker I’ve been with the posts the past two weeks or so. So here’s what happened. After leaving Hot Springs, I hiked about five fairly uneventful days to the small town of Erwin Tennessee. And from Erwin, I then went to Johnson City which is about 15 miles off the trail. Why you ask? For Mike Celli’s most excellent bachelor party of course. After spending two nights in Johnson City at a hotel where I ate a ton of food, read two books, and watched a ton of hilarious Cartoon Network shows (and yes, I should have written a post during this vacation of mine, but I was busy watching the Amazing World of Gumball), I drove four hours to Nashville Tennessee.

The bachelor party was great. We drank many fine wines (the White Zin from central California was Celli’s favorite), told many grand jokes (Paul, excellent joke about the comparison between croquet and raquetball – hilarious), and dined on many exquisite steak dinners (filet mignon is still the king). But in all seriousness, it was a great extended weekend, and it was awesome to see everybody there. Going from the trail lifestyle to the bachelor party lifestyle was a bit tough, but it was more than worth it. So good party work everyone who was there! It was a blast! And a big thanks to my brothers for bringing me some much needed items (sorry about the protein Matt!), and to the Bismarck von Pickler for bringing me some much needed reading material. Can’t wait to see all you guys again soon!

So I returned to the trail about four days ago and have been in catch up mode to meet up with the few weirdos who hang out with me out here. I’m currently about fifty miles from the Virginia border where I’ll have a half day to hang in the town of Damascus. I’ll update again while there. When I reach Damascus, that will be the unofficial quarter-way mark of my journey. It’s a big milestone, so I’m pumped to get there as soon as I can!

One thing I do want to mention as well is a big congrats to Mom and Dad on their successful completion of their leg of the Camino. They did about 200 miles in only about two weeks – an absolutely insane average per day to jump right into. I’m very glad and very proud you guys pulled off such a successful journey. I’m super impressed and can’t wait to see you all for the Anniversary party! Love ya much!

PS. I will definitely update again in a few days. Also, I just saw this tricky little publish dropdown where I can write something, then publish it later. Should have found that earlier!

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  1. Mom
    Mom says:

    Hey Chris!! Can’t wait to hear you’ve reached the quarter of the way mark!! Very exciting!! Daddy and I can certainly understand your excitement after doing our walk. Thanks for the shout out! We’ll see you soon. Love you! Mom

  2. Celli and Megan
    Celli and Megan says:

    Great post, Toad! Happy you had a great time in Nashville. You partied hard and I’m proud of you. I told Megan you haven’t forgotten how to stanky leg. See you soon. Keep calm and stooge on til then.



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