Trail Update #18 – A Short Update Before The End!

So I’m at another one of those libraries that doesn’t let you access photos. Boo those libraries! So unfortunately I can’t upload pictures to this post. So instead of boring you with tons of text, I’ll save the good stories for when I have time and some visual assistance. Because right now it is 1:34 PM and I still need to hike about ten miles out of Stratton!

Anyway, I’m only 188 miles from my goal. I just sat down this morning to plan out the rest of my trip. I plan on summiting Katahdin on October 6th. The plans have been set, now I just need to hike my way north. Over the past week or so, I’ve had some fun times. I got out of the Whites, Solitaire came to visit, I’ve seen four moose, I almost inadvertently captured a moose with paracord (long story that will need to be recounted in another post), I’ve caught a lot of my friends, and I’m preparing to finish this journey.

It’s a bit of a strange feeling to be almost done. Although I still have 188 miles left, it feels like I’m closer. In some ways I want it to be over. The cold has been getting worse and worse. The weather has not been great. And hiking is hiking – it sometimes becomes a bit grinding. But then there is all the awesome stuff – the people, the towns, the amazing new places and things to see. It will most definitely be a bitter sweet moment to finish this trip.

Well, just wanted to give a quick update before hitting the trail. I have one more town to hit before the end, but not sure if I’ll have time to do any updating there. I’ll keep up with the blog even when the trip is done as I have several entries I want to put together. So keep looking for entries even after the sixth!

PS. If you haven’t read Solitaire’s account of his PA trip, do so. It is hilarious. And it’s true, Matt wears kid’s small underwears – it’s weird.

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  1. Mom
    Mom says:

    Chris, please don’t let anyone know that Matthew especially loves his undies with the “Superheros” on them!! 🙂 It’s always been a family secret!!

    Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to hear the story about the Moose!!

  2. mark connolly
    mark connolly says:

    Enough with the underwear comments….next party everone will be checking out matt’s package…but really small with super heros? Poor guy! What’s next…jamies with footsies?


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