Trail Update #15 – Pawling to Dalton to Home

Solitaire! Post your blog entry! Had to get another threat in. Now on to the real blog entry:

So let’s see. I’ve recounted (with the help of Joe Don) my adventures with Neil. Following that, I only had about five days until I would take my longest break from the trail. So honestly, those five days to the town of Dalton MA were not the most entertaining. I hauled some miles though, completing 125 miles in five days. The first three days were good – I was feeling good and moving good. But by the middle of the fourth day, I began to turn into a zombie. Twenty five mile days are good and well, but doing them continually begins to catch up to you. Luckily I ran into Indy around the middle of that fourth day, and we hiked the last 30+ miles into Dalton the next day.

After getting into Dalton, I took my first shower and slept in a bed for the first time in probably about two weeks – I think my longest stretch of the trail! I felt pretty beat down physically at that point, but I was excited to begin my five day break.

The first day of my break, I headed to my Grandma’s on Long Island. I crushed a bunch of awesome food (I think I ate half the food at her house), and got to see cousin Nicky and Uncle Mike as well. It was a great visit, and only the start of my binge eating spree. The next day, I spent the night in Hoboken, visiting the old crew and the old stomping grounds. I must say, my party abilities have suffered since being on the trail, but it was a fun night. Weirdest part of the night was going to the old Whiskey Bar, which is some new terrible bar. Whiskey Bar was way better – they let you dance around like weirdos in the back. Or if you felt like choreographing dance fights, they let you do that too. But no more. This new place was Stooge City Central.

Next stop was home. I think I ate 75% of the time I was home, and the other 25% I thought of eating. I kid. I hung out a lot, saw everybody, had tons of fun, and of course, went to the Celli wedding. The Celli wedding was a blast. I got to put my hair in a ponytail and look like Neil for the day. However, the highlight of the wedding was the Monster Mash. I think we got about eight people to ask the DJ to play the Monster Mash before he finally relented. He must have thought we were the biggest group of idiots to populate a wedding. When the Mash came on, the party went wild. We had zombies, vampires, and weirdos galore. Then following the wedding, we of course went to Jay’s and hung out – awesome end to the night.

So that was my five day break. I had to drive back to Dalton early Monday morning and hop back on the trail. It was bitter-sweet to leave home, but the trail is still a’calling, and there are many miles to go before I rest.

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