Trail Update #1 – The Start to Hiawasee

Hello all! So I’ve made it to the fine town of Hiawasee Georgia. Today is my sixth day of the trip. I don’t want to go through everything that I’ve done so far, because mostly it would consist of walking, walking, and more walking. But I’ll give you a quick synopsis of what’s gone on so far. Unfortunately, I can’t upload images from this computer for some reason, so you’ll have to wait on them!

The first few days of the trip I took pretty easy, no more than ten miles or so a day. The past two days I’ve cranked it up to 15 miles a day. I met a few pretty cool people, their real names are Scott, Mike, and Matt. But their trail names are Nine Nails (he lost a nail, but he just lost another today, so he may be Eight Nails), Terrible Tang (he likes Charles Barkley and that drink Tang), and Dry Key (he never has water and he’s from the Keys). I received my own trail name – Sir Stooge Charles Guilons. Not sure how to spell out that last ‘name’ since I never have before. I’m sure some of you know what it’s supposed to be though. I’m pretty pumped about my name though. I have two titles, and two names! Can’t beat that.

I stayed at my first Hiker Hostel, which was run by an old crazy man named Pirate. I also got my first taste of Trail Magic (when people help out hikers on the trail, whether it be with food, supplies, etc) that night when a church group came by the hostel and cooked us all burgers and baked potatoes. It was my first filling meal since being on the trail!

I also hitched for the first time in my life. Me and Terrible Tang got a ride into town from some old Georgian who was out fishing. He caught one trout. He was the man.

Last night, I stayed at a place called the Cheese Factory, which I was super pumped about. Unfortunately, there was no cheese, and no factory there. They knocked it down ages ago. It was just some nice camping spots. But at least I can say I slept at the Cheese Factory.

I am two for two on my food bag throw to hang it up in the tree (the other nights the camp sites had bear lines, no need to throw food bags around when they’re there). And I have not been mauled by a bear. I did see a pretty sweet snake that may have had a rattler on it, I couldn’t see too well. I saw some really cool birds, a few weird bugs, and two white tailed deer that I couldn’t get a good picture of.

So far, I’ve gone from Springer Mountain to Dick’s Creek Gap – about 60 miles or so I believe. I’m still a long way from Maine! With these updates, I don’t want to bore you with which shelter I stayed in, how far I walked, blah blah blah. So I’ll give you the highlights so I don’t waste your time! Aside from these updates, I’ll probably drop in a few posts here and there about some random (and/or important) things that come across my mind while I’m out here. I plan on writing one of them up tomorrow morning before I hit the trail again.

Comment away – I turned off the need to approve comments before they appear. Sorry about that! Thanks for reading you full time stooges! 🙂

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  1. danielle
    danielle says:

    hnhahahah your name is hilarious how did you get the sir charles part hahaha. sounds like you are having an awesome time. keep the posts coming. love you! -d

  2. Brandon Imp
    Brandon Imp says:

    Saw your post on FB – glad to see you got out there! Lots of adventures and good things ahead of you. If it works in your schedule, stop into Aquone Hostel at the beginning of the Smokies. I think it’s in the book this year. 2010 thru-hiker Wiggy owns it – tell him that Monkey sent you and give him and his wife a big hug from me. It’s a beautiful hostel. I stopped there over the 2012 summer on the film tour. -Brandon

  3. Dana Kent
    Dana Kent says:

    Toad Mater- I love reading these!!! Your trail name is amazing!! Missed you at Mothers Day Brunch! Just Keep Walking! 🙂

  4. Paul Quinn
    Paul Quinn says:

    “there was no cheese, and no factory there”.. bu there was a stooge in there. I beleive that is now the stooge factory #2. Hire Terrible Tang if you think he can handle managing the production line

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    As I sit here and watch television on my comfortable couch and drink cold beer from the fridge, I am glad to know you are with stooges and surviving the trail. Keep the posts coming so I can vicariously live through you from the dry, warm and bug free place I call home. Keep calm stooge on. ~ Celli

    Toad- Glad to hear you are safe and enjoying the trail! Keep L-I-V-I-N the life….BE SAFE!! ~Megan

  6. uncle mark
    uncle mark says:

    Hey Chris-uncle Mark here. Sounds like all is going well with your journey. The family and I wish you the best and to sum it all up “keep it simple…it”s just walking” Oh, just read an interesting bit of snake advice…should a snake enter your sleeping bag while sleeping don’t panick hehe…simply have a freind ignite the foot of your bag and tamp it out gently. The smoke will drive the snake out while you remain calm. Let me know how that works out. 😉


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