The Night Before

So it’s almost 10:30 the night before I catch my flight down to Atlanta. I spent the whole day running around like a lunatic getting last minute things. Steve Olson came over for dinner last night to answer tons of my questions (as well as my Mom’s). Steve did the trail last year, and has been invaluable to me as I’ve been preparing for this trip. Thanks dude.

So I had to pick up a few last minute things in order to take into account Steve’s advice. I went to REI (twice), the foodstore, and a couple other places I can’t remember. After all that, I packed up my pack, and came in a bit over 25 pounds, which I’m pretty happy with. I can probably lose some once I get out there. But I’m very happy to start out at sub-30. Here’s a picture of me as I was finishing up packing everything up, and then my pack and the stuff I’ll wear tomorrow.





So that’s that. I guess I’m ready to go! Sorry this post was a little rushed, but it’s getting late and I need sleep! I’ll update when I can, I’m hoping within the next week or so. Talk to you guys soon!

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  1. Emily Greene
    Emily Greene says:

    Goodluck my dear friend. I can’t wait to follow your blog and see this amazing adventure unfold. You are one in a million Toad.

  2. Aunt terry
    Aunt terry says:

    Hey Chris, it looks like you got a head start on the facial hair. Walk that path and your journey will enfold before your eyes. Love you, aunt terry

  3. Nancy Goodman
    Nancy Goodman says:

    I’m so excited for you and this mission you are on. I’m sure you will have some great stories to share. Looking forward to reading all about it in “Adventures of a Trail Stooge”. Be safe.


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