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So back in the Roan Mountain area, I hiked with a guy named Rusty. Cool dude, he gave me a bacon and eggs Mountain House meal (my first ever Mountain House – it was amazing). Anyway, about a week ago, I got an email from Rusty. He hilariously found my blog while he was just checking out some Appalachian Trail stuff. He emailed me this awesome photo that he took. If you take a close look, you’ll actually see me in it. I’m the very small yellow dot in there.

This picture is neat because it really shows the scale of the places I’ve been traveling through. I was talking to some people back home this past week, and I was describing how the AT is more of a mental challenge than anything. Don’t get me wrong, physically it is demanding – but you know your body can do it. It’s just allowing your mind to allow your body to do it that is most difficult. Sometimes you feel so miniscule and small when you walk among this terrain. Sometimes you just spin around and look at it all in awe. Sometimes you spin around and ask yourself what you are doing out here, walking among these giants. But either way, it is what it is, and it’s something very special to behold.

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  1. Mom
    Mom says:

    Very well put Chris!! Sometimes weather we want to believe it or not, we really are only specs in this big wide world!!! Keep on trekking!! I love you!!


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