Grade: B

Pretty good tent. Nothing amazingly special. It’s pretty light which is the most important thing. However, that comes with the tradeoff of size. Once your sleeping bag is inside, there are only two small areas to put anything else. I used the small space to my left to keep all my things I may have needed in the night, and above my head, I put my pack. I got very used to the small space and actually enjoyed it. I spent 95% or more of the nights in my tent and never really got sick of it. With that said though, there are probably some better options out there. Tarptents are the most appealing. They have no extra pole or footprint weight, so they are ultra light. You actually use your trekking poles to hold the tent up. But all in all, the Lightyear 1 was great. It became my home for 5 months, and I loved it.


Although not the lightest tent on the market, it’s still pretty light weight.


The two arch design allows for easy and quick set up and break down.


Although it wasn’t big, it was all I needed. There is enough room to keep my things above my head or to my side. And I could sit up straight without being hindered by the top.