Grade: B

I really liked both of these items. I’ve put them together because in effect, they comprise my “sleep system.” The Lost Ranger is a little weird because it is more like a down blanket. There is no down on the underside of it, only on the top. The reason for this is that on the bottom, there is a sleeve into which you place the sleeping pad. This becomes your insulation between the floor and yourself. The sleeve also keeps the pad from moving about underneath you, you sliding off of it in the night, etc.

The only reason this system didn’t get an A was because the sleeping pad started to struggle the last couple of weeks. I think the valve lost it’s ability to hold the air throughout the night. So when I woke up in the morning, it was probably only about 75% filled. I heard this being a problem from more than a few hikers with this pad. So not a huge deal, but definitely something to keep an eye on. Overall though, loved the system. The bag may need to get burned now though – it smells terribly.


The pad was very light and packed up to the size of a Nalgene bottle. The bag, without the added down on the bottom side, was also quite light. It packed down to a bit over the size of a Nalgene.


The sleep system kept me warm on the coldest nights. The +15 rating was perfect for me. I made the mistake of sending home my bag at one point, only to find I was much too cold at night in only a silk liner.