Grade: A

Loved these things. I wore them probably 99% of my hiking days. Most times, even in hot weather, I would leave them as pants (I didn’t unzip the bottoms off to make them shorts). They were pretty good with wicking the moisture away, and pretty quick drying, even when soaked in sweat. There are a lot of pockets on them too which I loved. I always had my hand sanitizer, bandana, knife, watch, and a few carabiners on there. But they were capable of holding my gloves and winter hat as well in the colder months. Loved loved these pants. I’m hoping I can find some times to wear them off the trail.


The pants were very light, helping to reduce my overall carrying weight.


Even after torrential rain, my pants would dry out fairly quickly, allowing me some comfort even during the toughest days.


The amount and types of pockets allowed me to use them in any situation. The items that I used frequently while hiking were stored on my pants in some way.