Grade: A

I loved this pack. It was all that I needed. First, it’s very light, one of the lightest you will be able to find that will hold 50L. And it’s inexpensive – I think only about $120. Light and inexpensive – boom, done. It is very very simple. There isn’t much to it. It has the main large compartment that closes with a drawstring. Then there is the smaller zip pouch on the back, two side pouches, and two hip pouches. I’m glad I didn’t get caught up in the fancy looking, more expensive bags that have tons of different pouches and pockets. You just don’t need all that stuff. I stayed light and simple, and when you’re walking 2,000 miles, that’s what you want.


This bag is no frills. What you see is what you get. And that means it is light!


I researched a lot of bags prior to choosing this one. Most others were at least $100 more than the Go Lite, and heavier as well.


All the bag consists of is the main pouch, a bladder sleeve, an external pouch, and two side pouches. There is not much to think about when packing or when looking for something in your pack.