Grade: B

I’ve had this headlamp for a while – I like it. It has four settings (hi, med, lo, strobe) and it is water proof up to a few meters. So if I had to (I never did), I could night hike in the rain. The only thing that I find lacking is that it doesn’t have a red light on it. A lot of hikers will use red light at night when others are sleeping. It’s just much less annoying for everyone else. But hey, if that’s the worst I can find with this, that’s not bad at all. And a side note: this is the same headlamp I used for the 24 hour World’s Toughest Mudder last year. So it’s rugged, waterproof, and bright.


I’ve used this thing on the AT as well as in mud races. It won’t break.


This headlamp never felt too heavy or too bulky. I barely knew it was there when I wore it.