Grade: A

I was in love with the Merrell Barefoot collection even before starting the trail. About two years before starting my thru hike, I began to make the switch to minimalist footwear, with Merrell being the primary brand I wore. The Trail Glove and the Sonic Glove are essentially the same shoe with a slightly different upper. I wrote a full review on them, which can be seen here: Trail/Sonic Glove Review. The Bare Access 2’s are slightly less minimalist than the Trail/Sonic Glove. They helped me out big time going over the rocky terrain of Pennsylvania. For a full review, check out this page: BA2 Review. Really, I have loved every Merrell Barefoot shoe I’ve used, and these three are no exception.


The primary thing I look for in a shoe. Minimalism creates a foot that works naturally and effectively.


The Sonic/Trail Gloves withstood the rugged test, piling up mile after mile.


All three shoes are light! When you walk 20 miles a day, you don’t want to carry weight at your feet.


People may think I’m crazy for hiking in minimalist trail shoes, but to each his own!