Grade: A

Rating the cup and spoon separately, they both get an A. Titanium is super light and strong. I started with a plastic spoon, but that broke in half about a month into the trip. With titanium, you obviously won’t have that issue, unless you get Hulk strength while you’re scraping some burnt bits out of the bottom of your pan. The 600ml cup was a little smaller than what most people cooked in, but I had no problem with it. Just make sure you have some type of cover for your cooking cup/pan. I was lacking a lid the first couple of weeks, and that resulted in me burning a lot more fuel in order to get the water up to temperature.

Now the stove is a different story. I made this stove, and it’s been with me the whole entire trip. But honestly, it’s not the best. I only kept it for sentimental reasons. About two weeks in, I think it sprung a leak, so I crafted another can piece onto the bottom of it. The leak resulted in the alcohol fumes not burning through the fuel jets properly. So I probably lost a little fuel efficiency due to that issue, but it was fine. I just couldn’t get rid of it. I made it with my own hands, and it was just too cool to get rid of.

So my cooking system was a little bit of a poor man’s system, but hey, it was mine – and I liked it.


The titanium cup and spoon were very light. They made virtually no difference in pack weight.


After breaking my plastic spoon, I needed to find something stronger to cook with. The titanium spoon gave me the ability to scrape the burnt bits of dinner off the bottom of my cup!


My stove, although not the most functional, was mine. It had character, and there was no way I was going to give it up.