Gifts of Weirdness

I think, often in our struggle to become successful individuals, we become part of a herd. In our desire to become rich and famous, we simply fall into a state of complacency in which we discover monotony and monetary success, but no vibrancy or enthusiasm. We have found ourselves in a place where success is commonplace — we have all become ‘the best.’

And I think it starts when we are young. We struggle and strive to be the smartest in our class, and when we get straight A’s, we are proud of our accomplishment — but we fail to see all the other children who attained straight A’s as well. And then we go to college where we build up our resumes. In an effort to stand out on paper, we join a club that does good things, or maybe we even start one ourselves. And still, we fail to see all the others who have done the same. And when we go to our first interview, we stand up tall, sit up straight, answer questions confidently and professionally and leave with a firm hand shake. And still we remain ignorant of all the other qualified applicants who have done exactly the same. We have all become ‘successful’ and in so doing, we have all become the same.

I think we often fail to see the diverse individual gifts of each and every person that do not translate well to a resume. We shun the oddities and quirkiness of individuals as worthless and weird. We shun them instead of pulling them into the light and showing them for what they are — a break from the herd, a chasm of endless potential in the monotonous landscape of modern success.

Many of us learn to be successful — go to school, get good grades, create a good resume, and get a good job. But not enough of us learn to be different, to be odd, to be quirky, and to be our own selves. Those that do, need to have the courage to follow their whimsical dreams. Because when they do, they are the ones who alter the paradigms, change the future, and actively create a world of tangible imagination, all encompassing love, and sublime contentment.

Stay weird you stooges.

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